Tuesday 16 February 2010

Whats been happening to me

Well first off I am back in front of a monitor with a keyboard underneath my fingers tips and words are appearing on the screen so it must mean that I have some what returned to my blog after promising to but again leaving my loyal readers disappointed.

Well what happened ? I got bored achieved my goal , got disappointed that nobody read it , annoyed that people saw only spelling and grammar but the stories ignored, I went on a Holiday , I turned my attention to a short term high with a lot of effort and then got bored when I achieved my gaol.

Now what?

Things I am happy about , iiNet won their case against AFACT, I have over a thousand people following me on Twitter. The Liberal Parties Australia wide are taking the fight to the Labor Party. That Apple debuted a dud in the iPad.

What am I not happy about?  well nothing that I would dear burden you about or re read the blog things have not changed, but I need to.

and what now? well I think this is a start, a start of a new beginning and that I will post regularly because I think I have nearly finished this part of my journey and I am ready to share the next.  

stay turned

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