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Sunday 22 September 2013

Through your eye

if all you believe are the negative thoughts then all you will see will be the negative sights thus only leaving you room to perceive everything to be negative , when you can't see the forest for the tree's and that glass is always half empty then maybe it's you with the problem and not the ones your believe 

Saturday 4 May 2013

Saturday 27 April 2013

New Big Boy BBQ Store

Welcome to Big Boy Barbeque...Australia’s BEST barbeque restaurant

We are Melbourne’s first dedicated ‘low and slow’ smoked meat experience. We bring you The most tender, juiciest barbeque in Melbourne. Their aim is to give you the best BBQ experience in Melbourne. They are Melbourne’s first dedicated ‘low and slow’ smoked meat restaurant and bring you the most tender, juiciest barbeque in Melbourne. 

and now at two locations 



Thursday 25 April 2013

When its time to evict the tenants in the roof, what to do with the possums


I live in a leafy Melbourne suburb and I just recently evicted some long time borders from my property. I have lived in my current house for the last 13 years, it  was built in the early 1930’s and is a comfortable 4 bedroom home just perfect for my wife, our cat Samantha as well as my needs, but it would appear a family of possums found it a desirable abode as well.

 UPDATE: Sadly our cat Samantha passed away last December, so although our house is still perfect for my wife and I, there is a pending vacancy for a new cat to be joining us soon .So to all you cats out there or even all those cats yet to be cats start preparing your resumes the hunt for a new supreme ruler is about to begin in earnest. Samantha found us so that is also an option.     

The possum according to Wikipedia is
“is any of about 69 small to medium-sized arboreal marsupial species native to Australia, New Guinea, and Sulawesi (and introduced to New Zealand and China). The name derives from their resemblance to the opossums of the Americas. The term "possum" is also used in North America as a short form of "Opossum".

I have nothing against possums at all, and apart from the previous few months cohabited with them, they never really worried me at all, they were uninvited guests, that for the most part were unobtrusive. I was not worried that possums habituated the roof space. Well not until they started to act up, outstay their welcome, fight and run throughout the ducting and vents of our heater and the finale act that lead to the need to evict they urinated and defecated through the ducts.

That was it they had to go, this was not the first run in we had with possums, they had always been part of our garden, we had cared for the sick amazed at their agility and even buried their dead in the past. We were not beyond leaving a spare apple out at night, but this was too much they had outstayed there’re welcome.

But how does one get rid of possums they are “As a native species in Australia, possums are protected by Australian regulations, even when they reside in urban neighbourhoods, and cannot be baited. If captured, regulations stipulate that they must be released within a small radius of the capture site, as they are territorial creatures.”

Well preventative measures such preventing them entering the roof space such as blocking off their entrance points and building a possum nesting box are the only real alternatives. This is something that is beyond the ability of many of us myself included so I called for some help.

You can quickly search Google to find people in your area to assist with the removal of possums from your buildings. For my Melbourne readers, I recommend Paul Sturrock the Possum Whisperer, Paul has over 15 years experience in fixing possum problems in homes throughout Melbourne and surrounds.

Paul is a professional gentleman, that will promptly attend your property perform a free appraisal and provide a quote, he will then organise a time that suits you to begin, and before your know it your home will be possum free. You can contact Paul on 0408 308 036 or visit his is web page here.

Sunday 3 March 2013

Wealth Inequality in America

in debt and screwed , but instead of raising taxes for the rich they cut services to the poor

Saturday 2 March 2013

Redheads BBQ St Kilda

How does a Big Boy BBQ Pork Carolina Sandwich 
They'll be pullin' pork all weekend at Redheads Gourmet BBQ Festival!

Adults $20 / Under 16 Free
Sun Hats, Sun Glasses, Sun Block, Picnic Blanket, Chair, Umbrella.
There is seating and shade but be safe .  
When and Where?
1st - 3rd March 2013
South Beach Reserve, (Next to the Sea Baths)
Jacka Boulevard,
St Kilda
Festival Times?
Friday 1st March 2013 / 3pm - 10pm
Saturday 2nd March 2013 / 9am -10pm  
Sunday 3rd March 2013 / 9am - 7pm