Friday 20 June 2014

Wishes do come true

This is kitty Carmen and she is currently having a nap on our bed, it's Friday and the world is a wonderful place.

But there is a back story, there's always a back story and this one began on a rather bleak and windy Saturday evening a bit over a month ago. My wife and I have always been a cat loving family, however after losing our beloved Samantha to cancer we have remained a cat free house since that fateful day.

Well this Saturday the cat free house status was going to be rocked to its core as I sat watching the TV I noticed from the corner of my eye a beautiful little cat in our back yard. I immediately leaped to my feet to investigate this the most cutest of visitors and to ask what it wanted of which it replied with requests for food and pats and in that order too.

After complying to the given requests we invited the little fellow inside, it was obvious that this was a well cared for pet that must have a loving family and live some where close by, but what the hey it was only visiting.

After a lovely night of pats we bid our little buddy goodnight thinking how wonderful it was that it choose to visit us not ever even contemplating it would be back, and it would be.

The next night our buddy was back and the night after that and after that, and soon the visits became longer and the absences less until it seemed like we had ourselves a cat but of course we didn’t, we had somebody else cat and we were going to need to find out who's.

Fast forward to Monday this week and the day of reckoning had arrived, we did not want to give up our little buddy but that was the point, it was not our cat so off to the vet we went. I might add at this point that Kitty Carmen was none too happy to be going to the vet either but it had to be done.

Yes we were right kitty Carmen did indeed have a home and she was micro chipped so finding her owners was only a computer search away and indeed thats what happened as we left the vet once again cat less and shedding just a few tears.

We were able to telephone the owners and to allay our fears that she was OK and that should be the end of the story but cats choose their owners and her current ones were more than willing to let kitty Carmen decide and so the hope began that maybe our little Buddy would once again visit. By Wednesday evening with no sight of her we resigned our selves to the fact that she had made her decision and that we could always visit her.

I never gave up hope that she would once gain visit us and I don't know what's going to happen in to the future but what I do know is that you wish very hard and never stop believing that wishes and dreams do come true.          

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