Wednesday 2 September 2009

Putting yourself out there.

The hidden world of the Internet, and no I am talking about the seedier side, no I refer to the emotion of feedback. It is so easy these days to publish yourself, to put your well thought out and expressed ideas on line for the world to see.
There are a myriad of ways to publish your self on line, from Facebook and Twiitter to writing a blog, to just commenting on other people work. I am often moved to put the keyboard into action and express an opinion on an article that twigs my interest and have so for many years, which has lead me to starting this blog.
However as I alluded to there is a darker side to putting yourself out there, and that is the feedback or lack there of. It is quite mentally exhausting writing an opinion piece, but once completed and published there is a feeling of exhortation until the comments, remarks, insults or nothing comes.
This may sound like a whinge and I suppose it is, after all I decided to publish, but in reality I just wanted to point out that behind every blog is a person, a friend, a family member, a human being, so before you post just remember is it the person you have a problem with or the article, so don’t attack the man play the ball.
This is also true of Twitter and Facebook, although there is no compulsion to comment on all posts and messages you receive, a little courtesy in acknowledging that some one has commented on your piece does not go astray. If I was going to point fingers, it appears to me that the people on Twitter trying to sell you some thing are the worst offenders, all their interested in is the number of followers so they can get their sales pitch out there, I will let you know one thing I stop listening, to any one that won’t reciprocate on a mere message.   
Oh and yes I am grammatical and politically incorrect a lot of the time, so please excuse any errors in this blog, the ideas are mine and so is the way they are written so feel free to comment  

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