Saturday 14 August 2010

is it a Flanimal or are we all a little Captain Pottie

I read recently that Ricky Gervais is being sued for plagiarism over his bestselling children’s book Flanimals, apparently writer and artist John Savage has claimed that Flanimals is based on his book Captain Pottie’s Wildlife Encyclopaedia.

He has lodged court documents that states Flanimals breaches the copyright in his book by being broadly the same in content and character, and that both books involve a whimsical take on the animal kingdom through the use of drawings and text.

I don’t see it, yes it is both those things but they are concepts and not subject to copyright, Judge for yourself. I think this is pure greed and jealousy and that he really wants a bit of that Ricky Gervais’s success if not his money I see this as destined to fail, however the courts are funny beasts.

A spokeswoman for Gervais has denied the claims and revealed the dispute has been going on for some time and dates back several years. They claim that the concept and illustrations of Flanimals pre-existed John Savage's work and that they have no claim to answer.

You can check out Captain Pottie’s Wildlife Encyclopaedia and just search Google for images of the Flanimals and compare for yourself, like i said I am not convinced. 

More derails on this story can be found here Ricky Gervais sued over best-selling book article the Melbourne Age.

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