Tuesday 25 August 2009

The Biggest Burger in the World @ Cavendish Cafe & General Store

Cavendish General Store

Now I was talking to a friend tonight and being excited about this blog I mentioned the link that I had to the new KFC burger (early post), and was alerted to this monster burger and best of all its Australian.
its costs $38.90,weighs 4kg and takes 20 minutes plus to prepare
The bread rolls are specially made in nearby Warnambool, just down the road from beautiful Port Fairy and Tower Hill,  
You can find the Cavendish Cafe & General Store 
26 Scott Street
Cavendish 3314
P: 5574 2395
F: 5574 2257
Contact: Ros Duffin
Now since all this ho har about bloggers stealing respectable media outlets news and passing it off as their own I want to acknowledge that the Herald Sun covered this story five days ago and I will even link to the original story. I however was alerted to this story by a friend and posted based on prior content, not that I need to expalin myself as I am not charging for content or misrepresenting said content so there.
I did say I had some bees in the bonnet.

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