Tuesday 25 August 2009

Is there justice in this world

So the world is recovering from the Global Economic Crisis, after seeing the world stock markets decimated by what could only be called a global fraud by the American Financial Service finally things are returning to normal.

Governments around the world have pumped billions of taxpayers dollars into economies around the world, thousands if not millions have lost their jobs, savings decimated and the stock markets flattened, but what of the people who caused this economic crisis? Well apart from a few high profile cases that have come to light, I believe not a lot, I suppose many have lost their jobs, but I suspect for the real culprits of this crisis it's business as usual, back to the greed machine, profits at all cost and not a regard for the people, families and communities whom may never recover.

So have the rules changed ? a little Can this happen again? more than likely  Is there Justice ?

Well it would appear that if your a greedy company or organisation you can call the shots and the government, the justice system and even the courts are more than willing to help you screw the little guy.

1.92 million dollar fine for sharing 24 songs on internet the, US Justice department supports this

"the harms caused by copyright infringement" on the Internet include limiting "a copyright owner's ability to distribute legal copies of copyrighted works. The public in turn suffers from lost jobs and wages, lost tax revenue, and higher prices for honest purchasers of copyrighted works."

So it's OK for some of America's largest organisations to rape and pillage the world financial infrastructure with out any recourse for their greedy and irresponsible actions , how ever if you steal 24 * 99 cent music mp3 from one of these companies, whoa the full force of American Justice will steal your livelihood.

now don't get me wrong, stealing is wrong, it's just should the punishment not fit the crime ? 

so back to the original question "is there justice in this world" ?

Well I don't think so, but if your a huge multi national conglomerate things are still looking rosy for a while anyway, because unlike us (the little guy) the people it appears that we only vote for our politicians, the company lobby and buy them.

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  1. http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/06/riaa-jury-slaps-2-million-fine-on-jammie-thomas/