Monday 24 August 2009

A new tweet sorry mean post

Well I have had this blog going for over 3 months now and I have done very little to update, improve or even post, however that is about to change. I have been busy acquainting my self with Twitter and this has re shaped my ideas on what I hope to achieve with this blog. 

Now I am not going to again bore you with an explanation of what Twitter is , because many others have already done a fine job , so if you don't already know what Twitter is follow the above link.

Now to my point and its only taken me 2 paragraphs to get there, is I think that micro blogging is going to be a rather large component of the future of the internet, be it Twitter, Facebook or the next big thing "Think Google Wave". So with that said I have added a stream of my Twitter updates to this blog.

I also plan to post links to stories and articles from the internet that I find interesting, I would also recommend always bothering to read the comments at the end of most articles as these can sometimes be more interesting than the original article and if you see a comment from RORYBAUST you'll know I felt strongly about that one as well.

I'm a realist and know that I may well be the only reader of this blog and for that matter my Twitter posts but at least I can say that I am participating in the new medium and I feel a little empowered that I can unlike our friends in countries such as China, Burma, Iran and many more.

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